I made a list. I made a list of what Brixley has that I don’t. It has things like wears make-up, has latest fashions, is giggly, is flirty and other stuff that she is or has that I don’t or am. The day after Teddy’s lil date he came into the yard only to be teased by everyone, even me. But then Teddy speaks.
“It’s not like you guys have never seen a couple before, just look at Ty and Linz!” He shouted. Ty turned red as a beet.
“We’re not a couple!” Ty and I said at the very same time. I looked at him and he smiled.
“Then explain that.” Teddy said with a smirky grin.
“Look Teddy, I don’t even like Ty!” I shouted. I looked at Ty. He had the most upset look on his face. He started to walk away. I followed him. “Ty, wait, listen” I said just softly enough for him to hear.
“No Linz, you have said enough.”
“But I do like you, a lot” I said.
“Well you sure show it funny” He spoke.
“C’mon Ty. Don’t be like this.”
“Well Linz, one sec. you like me and the next, you don’t how am I supposed to feel?” He asked.

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