Dahani's Story

“It’s just not the same anymore, Dahani. We need to stop this before it destroys all we’ve worked for.”
Dahani kept her gaze over the lake and mountains out the window and said, “If only I could’ve kept him from leaving then we would have nothing to worry about, would we?”
Layla did not respond. She knew that man was the only one who could stop this.
But he was miles away fighting in what seemed like an endless war created by hate and jealousy decades ago.
“Dahani, you know what you need to do. I know you’ve put it off as long as you can but there’s no way we can much longer. Please, you’re the only one who can convince him to return. I plead to you on behalf of the entire council. We need you to do this.”
Dahani knew she needed to but he had left so suddenly and never gave her a chance to explain. Now with the present danger to them all, she knew she had no other choice. She shifted her gaze to Layla and nodded. It was her duty to bring back their leader.
Her duty as the wife of a king.

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