I yawned. I woke up the next morning feeling sleepy. Probably because I thought about what Ty had said and tryed to make sense of it well passed midnight. I threw a pillow. “He’s so annoying!” I said to myself. I brushed my hair and teeth and prepared myself for the rest of the day.
At about one ‘o’ clock a game started next door so I walked outside to play. Teddy was there and I gave him an evil stare. I was on Ty’s team not Teddy’s so I wasn’t going to be able to talk to him. Darn! Just as we were lining up to bat Ty comes around behind me and goosed me!! I’m in utter shock as he says “Hey suger, you’re batting fourth.” What the heck! Why’s he all of the sudden treating me like I’m his girlfriend? Is this some kinda dare? Does he think he really is my boyfriend? I think I’m going to play along and see if I can get some answers out of him before he takes it to far.

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