Just Need A Little Guidance

It was 8:32 p.m. and Dani was pacing back in fourth across her bedroom floor. Ok, she was going to call him at 8:33, she defiantly was. The clocked ticked away and it soon became 8:33 but she did not call, just like she hadn’t for the last 15 minutes. She knew she had to call him, but she didn’t wanna say anything stupid, she really needed some guidance. This was stupid; she was in love with this boy!!! She had to call him. She picked up her phone and pressed speed dial 3 (she had to bump Becca to get him that prime spot) and the phone began to ring. When it started to ring a third time Dani almost hung up, figuring he wasn’t going to answer. But right before she could flip the phone shut, his beautiful mid-puberty voice answered from the other end.
“Hey Dani, what’s up?” He said. “Do you wanna maybe come over tomorrow and play soccer with my friends and me?” Logan said again before she could respond.
“Sounds great.” She said right away.
“Cool, see you at four.”

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