Meridian - The Pillars

Only yards down the beach, a startling series of plateau-like cliffs separated, creating a canyon inlet where a stream flowed out into the ocean.

But it was not the red cliffs that took Jerry’s breath away.

On either side of the inlet stood two gigantic, intimidating, identical statues. Easily taller than any building Jerry could remember seeing in Mystic City (had that really only been minutes ago?), the statues rose up against the stone face of the canyon walls. They were made out of copper which had long ago gone green, but their weathered stated only increased their beauty.

Identical soldiers, they stood in rapt attention, medeival armor protecting their muscular bodies. One hand raised in salute, the other resting on an impossibly large sword, the hilt of which looked, from where Jerry stood on the ground, squinting up into the sun, as though it were incrusted with gigantic rubies.

Fog swirled around their feet.

“Beautiful, innit?” Jack said nearby, startling Jerry out of his thoughts.

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