It is not my turn

It seemed like it could not get worse no matter what happened now then out of the the pouring rain that kept pounding in the dark of the night and the cracked wind shield of my car their head lights kept coming straight for me faster and faster. I steered my car to the right as fast as I could because they were coming so fast. I didn’t have time to see what I was steering into but I had to keep turning my car to the right because they didn’t ease up, they still kept coming and as I looked up I had well left the pavement and was off the shoulder into the grass. Finally they steered away from me as they saw they were in the on coming traffic and my car was not the car they were about to collide with because I had steered completely out of their way. I made my way back onto the road and realized I would rather die by being struck by the explosive lightening that was shooting straight down to the ground from heaven.

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