I looked up at him quickly. Yeah, he was in my math class. Sat two rows in front of me, three seats to the right.

Max often accused me of, for someone that hated being in contact with people, someone that noticed everyone. Maybe that was because I’d gotten used to not being noticed myself.

I nodded as I looked him over. For some reason he reminded me of Max. I didn’t have any idea why. His eyes were green rather than brown, his hair was a lot lighter, and he was closer to my height than Max’s. They didn’t look anything alike. This guy’s nose was even slightly crooked as if it had been broken once or twice.

“Cool. I don’t think I’ve seen you at a party before. I’m Jake,” he said, offering me a hand. I stared at him, not giving him my hand in return, something that clearly made him uncomfortable.

During this time I realized what reminded me of Max. His smile. Their smiles didn’t really look the same at all, but they had the same emotion behind them. I smiled back and shook his hand.

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