Abrief glimps into the mind of The most awesome band geek 4 life!!!(H.H.)

Hmm… feelin like a change to day maybe I should change my pen name, how about the unicorn princess?? Nah too 80’s, OOH !!! Today’s Aug 3rd!!! 1 more day and I’ll officially be 13!! Not like it’s going to help with my maturity, but this is the way they love me.”Fritz&Zooey” Funny funny!! Sounds like my friends!Maybe I should write some serious poems, they come pretty easily, I wish I could make a pot of coffee with out botching it. Like I even need the caffine. Wish I had Tim’s number, I kinda miss him. Why are these honey roasted peanuts so addicting?!?!?!Ooh, Mason’s online
me:”hola amigo!!!!!!”
me:you know what’s the radness??
him:”Candy mountain?”
me:”Howd’ya know!?!?!”
him:”Cause I’m cool like that”
This could go on for ever.
Hmm..A brief glimpse into the mind of (insert name here)
That sounds like fun.
O.k. my mind.
lalalala, sing a happy song,lalalala, smurf the whole day long.
SMURFS RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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