Fake Smoke * revised

Susan smugly blew fake smoke away from the tip of her gun. Walked casully over to Jeffs body laying on the floor, giving him a push with foot.
“Good one down two to go” , “serves you right you piece of trash” .
She unscrewed the silencer from the gun and shoved them into her jacket pocket.
“Fancy place” she said, digging through the papers on his desk.
“Wonder how many people you screwed over to afford it” ?
It has to be here ; hum a locked drawer.
She picked the lock and pulled the drawer open dropping it on the floor.
How easy was that ; moron wrote the combo to the safe on the bottom of the drawer. So I wonder which picture its behind ?
Hope theres money in it, I could use a little extra.
She opened the safe, the file wasn’t in it. One of the others must have it.
Susan wiped the place down making sure she wasn’t leaving her prints behind.
She walked over and took the keys from Jeffs pocket; “you don’t mind if I borrow your Porsch, thanks” .
She drove up to the gates and honked

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