Bobs Bar & Grill *

Jack walked into Bobs bar, and motioned to Bob not to speak.
He looked around,Jason was sitting alone at the end of the bar. Still wearing that flanel shirt. Jason looked at him, then turned his back to him.
Still not speaking to me? Jack sat down next to him.
Jason took a drank.
I went to the cemetery. She still there?
Thats not funny. Wudn’t ment to be, I got nothing to say to you Jack so you can leave now. Come on Jason you know it wasn’t my fault. You know I’d give anything.
Just stop my sisters gone, you need to do the same.
Jack leaned back and downed his beer and slamed the bottle onto the bar, nice seeing all my friends again he said. This isn’t over, we will talk, I came to get this settled.
Bob one more, I’m not leavn till you talk to me.
Jason took a deep breath and stood up, you want to know why I’m still pissed, you left this town like nothing ever happened. You took that photo journalist job and went on with your life, it hadn’t even been a month and you were gone.
Jack sat quitely.

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