A Day in the Life of Alexa's Work Computer

Quiet hum

“Here she is. Late. Yeah, hit the keyboard. Like that’ll wake me up. Hit it again. You really think that means I’ll get up faster?”

Monitor blinks, turns bright blue, several icons pop up, then a landscape of Ireland appears behind them.

“Traitor. Now she knows I’m awake.”

Ficlets, Lotus, and five websites are opened.

“Are any of these work-related? No, how silly of me.”

Alexa goes to Pandora, and opens her Trip Shakespeare page.

“At least the music’s good. Of course, check your gmail, erase all that spam, check your MySpace page. Are we ready to work yet?”

Alexa opens two Excel documents. She copy/pastes cells from one file into the second. A half an hour goes by like this.

“Wow, lasted thirty minutes. What now? Cubis. Like that’s productive.”

Alexa plays two hands, not doing terribly well at either. She goes back to the Excel, colors some rows, and runs spell check.

“Yeah, I see what you mean. This stuff makes me sleepy too. Fine, back to Ficlets.”

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