Welcome Back Jack *

The room was white quite cool only the sound of the monitor beeping.Jacks mom held his hand, and slowly stroked his hair. Jack honey, its mom she said, in a whisper.Dad, an your sister are here too.
Jack we love you son his dad said. Jacks eye lids began to flutter,his hand jerked repeatedly. Henery look, call the nurse. Jacks eyes slowly opened in a blank stare.
His mom gasped and cried, my baby, oh Jack.
The nurse pushed her aside to take his vitals,
welcome back to the world Jack, nice to see those baby blues.
Oh my god Kim, go call Beth and Jason. He tried to sit up but was to weak. No, no don’t, its to soon. He tried to speak, nothing came out. Jack can you hear me, just nod, can you see me? He noded. Do you remember anything? A scratchy no came out.
Your vitals look good, I’ll get the doctor.
Call beth but how she’s? Beths comming, his mom said.Take it easy son, you have a lot of recovery to do before your back to normal, now.
Son you’ve been in a comma for the last eight years.

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