Rainy Football Day

I woke up today and it was raining. It was like one of those pouring storms that make everything muddy. There was a break in the rain so I decided to go next door to ‘the yard’ to see what the guys were doing, with Ty and Teddy in mind. I walked over there and was imediately put on Teddy’s football team not Ty’s. We would usually play football on rainy days ‘cuz it was fun to be tackled in the mud. After a couple of points were scored and a couple of downs my team unleashed their secret weapon, me. None of the boys could tackle me without a few tries so I could usually get it down atleast half the field. Just when we were about to break our huddle it started to rain. We need this touchdown to win the game so we played on. I got wide and open and Teddy threw me the ball, but Ty rushed in for the tackle. He tackled me and we rolled in the mud so I landed on top of him. Just when I was getting up, the rain still coming down, Ty kissed me right on the lips, for everyone to see!

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