Tingling Touch

Dani walked towards Logan’s backyard along with Steph and Blair. When she spotted Logan her heart stopped; but as nervous as she was, she kept going,
“Hey, over here!!” Yelled Logan.
They walked over next to Logan who was standing on the sideline of a mini soccer field that had been set up. They were divided into teams and they started the game. Dani was with Steph and Jeremy, and Blair was with Logan and Dylan. They played a not so real game of soccer for about half an hour and then they took a break in the shade. Dani tried to make her way over to sit next to Logan but Blair got there first. So Dani took a seat next to Jeremy. After everyone finished their drinks Dani stood up and picked up Logan’s soccer ball.
“Come and get it” She said.
Logan chased after her and softly tackled her to the ground where he rescued the ball and began to tickle her mercilessly. Dani laughed and told him to stop, but made no actual attempt to escape his grasp, for his touch warmed her blood, and she loved it.

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