Adorable, Little Bandit

“You confessed everything to us… I naturally thought that meant you were…” Charlie explained.
“Repentant? You were going to say ‘repentant’! Don’t deny it. There’s nothing for me regret, Charlie. This is my life!” She spun around. His hand reached out and grabbed her arm.
“I wasn’t going to say ‘repentant’. I’m asking you to join our side.” Charlie searched her eyes for emotion. Instead, he found rage.
“Join you? Why do we have to have sides? Can’t I just stay… volatile?”
“Sure, I love you, you little bandit… but, how long are you going to keep stealing?” He wrinkled his nose.
“It’s not stealing. It’s…’Robin Hood-ing’. I shall forever more remain a ‘little bandit’.” Scarlet stuck her chin in the air. “Holden”, she began quietly. “Holden didn’t try to change me.”

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