A Girl For Logan

Logan sat on his couch awaiting a call he was sure was soon to come. He flicked through the channels, not really looking for anything particular. As the theme song for The Office started up, Logan’s cell started vibrating. He picked it up and flipped open his cell. It was a text from Dani.
Bored, what’s up?
Logan started texting a reply but was interrupted by an incoming call. He exited the text browser and read the name on the screen. Blair
Logan curiously answered the phone.
“Hey Blair, what’s up?”
Blair kept him on the phone for almost an hour and Logan finally decided to end the conversation so he could get back to texting Dani.
“Ok well I’ll talk to you later” Logan said.
“Wait, I was wondering, do you wanna go out?”
Logan was so surprised by the bluntness of the question that he did not even hear his next response.
“Sure” He mustered
“Cool, bye” Said Blair
“Bye” Logan managed to say.
What had he just done, sure he had gotten his first girlfriend, but was it the right girl??

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