A Perfectly Normal School Day Turns into a Not-So-Normal Mysterious Occurence

It was a perfectly normal Friday afternoon for a bunch of rowdy eighth graders. Mr. Nahoolewa was my last period and you really had to feel sorry for the poor guy. I mean we’re an honors class, but the worst one ever. Seriously. I’m the quiet and, let’s face it, nerdy type, so I just listen to him as best I can with the nonstop chaos around me. But this afternoon, I was watching Joey Meehan in particular-he’s actually kind of cute when he’s not being a total moron. But today-beyond moronic. Mr. Nahoolewa told him off like, 30 times. But he’s too nice to send anyone to the principal’s office. So I just sat there, getting furious at Joey. Even when a drop of water splatted on my cheek, I didn’t disrupt my ‘evil nerd’ glare I was sending his way. A stupid leak in this compost heap of a school couldn’t stop me from being mad at him. Until another hit me. And another. I looked up, startled. A rain cloud had formed in the room and had proceeded to rain, soaking us all. And then, just as suddenly, it disappeared.

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