to the castle 4

She quietly made her way through the village.Hiding her face from the people as she passed.Out on the square people were buying trading merchandise.They were all busy with their daily chores,no one even noticed her.Stupid people she muttered under her breath.There were children running laughing playing they scurried around her she whispered to Clawed I despise children.Passing the bookshop then the church she was getting near the entrance to the mystical forest.She stopped there it is. The path to the castle was all up hill steep,winding.Hurry Clawed were almost there.As they rushed through the forest the clouds grew thick and dark above her.Following her every step.Lightening striking all around her.You can’t stop me she shouted.The wind blew strong pushing her back a step or two.Tree branches bent and swayed back and forth in the wind.A branch snapped and fell.She jumped out of its way.It almost hit her.She hopped skipped and jumped they all missed her.The animals ran in fear they sensed her evil wickedness

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