I Want So Badly To Take You With Me

I wish I could draw music. It is so beautiful, but the only place in this world that I can see it is behind my own eyes. I hear each line, feel each beat, love each small journey within the song, and behind closed eyes I see it all. I watch the most beautiful picture being painted. Each stroke is an expression of one raw emotion that grabs my imaginary brush and makes its own impression on this piece. I wish I could draw music, make people see the beauty that fills my mind. That for once I could truly take someone to the star filled sky inside my head where love abounds and the air is crisp, where anything is possible. I want to take you on an adventure through each song, to show you worlds that you’ve never seen. I am not an artist, I am not even a writer. I cannot take you with me, to these beautiful worlds on wonderful adventures. So instead, I will take each journey on my own. t is lonely here, but it is too beautiful to leave. One day my love, I will find a way to take you with me… one day.

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