Keep Going

She cried. Not gentle sobbing, but the kind of crying that makes you feel as if you’re drowning.
Why did it have to be him? she wondered as she struggled up the rock face. Why now? Just when she was ready to admit that she loved him. Why couldn’t it have been her? Stop it! Don’t think like that. He would have wanted it this way.
She looked up and let the rain fall on her face. It was still a long way to the top, she would have to keep going. Falling apart was not an option. Crying would not bring him back nor get her to the top of this blasted cliff!
As the rain subsided so did her tears. It was not that she didn’t miss him, her heart felt as it had been broken into a thousand glittering shards. She just knew what she had to do. She concentrated on climbing, nothing else. Before she knew it she had reached the top. She stood and looked over the scene. The beauty was lost on her. She had climbed all that way with him, and now he was gone.
She was at the top of the cliff.
Where would she go from there?

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