The Dream

I awoke to see the small amounts of sunlight that oozed into the room through the decrepid windows. It fell upon the floor after being acosted by countless amouts of dust, pollen, and other tiny particles floating about in the air. I raised myself up to take a look at my person and get a feeling for the room and my general surroundings
The room was in shambles, years of intrusive weather had taken it’s toll. Wallpaper falling, mostly gone, two of the four windows had been smashed from something outside. A lone chair stood silently against the wall opposite the door frame, from which, the door hung slack. The floor was nearly invisible due to the debris that was scttered everywhere. Dead leaves, whole branches, a fine layer of dirt, and what could have been a squirrel at one point. There is nothing, save the chair, that would suggest that someone, or something, ever resided here. Which is why that little girl stood apart from the scene in her own realm.

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