The Fight

The baby was getting bigger inside me. Now sometimes I could talk to it and I would rub my belly. I was almost hoping it was a miscarrige but now I love the fact that there is a little person growing inside me. I haven’t decided on names yet, I just hope one will come to me at the right time.
I was sitting on my parents back porch when Jack stepped out the sliding glass door, it gleamed with the sunlight.
“Delilah …” He started.
“Jack don’t speak. I’m not going to marry you and you will not work in my fathers business” I told him gently but stern at the same time.
“But Delilah I’m looking forward to the baby. I want to be it’s father and your husband.” He said, basically pleading.
“No Jack. It isn’t time for you to be a father. I see you flirting with other girls all the time. Just don’t do this, don’t ruin you life.” I told him.
“Delilah I will marry you.” He yelled.
“But then what will you cheat on me?” I said. He didn’t speak.
“So it’s settled. You will not marry me.” I stood my ground.

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