The Betrayal

The door bell rang and Dani got up to answer it.
“Hey Steph, what are you doing here?” Dani asked.
“There is something you need to know, and I’m not sure how to put it.” Steph said shyly.
“What?? Come in.”
The two girls walked up to Dani’s room and Dani sat down on her bed well Steph began to pace.
“What is it Steph?” Said Dani.
“Okay well you see I know you really like Logan and everything, but maybe he’s not the guy for you.”
“What? That’s crazy, he’s perfect for me!” Dani argued.
Steph sat down next to Dani and put her arm around Dani’s shoulder. Dani knew Steph wouldn’t purposely upset her by telling her that her dream boy wasn’t for her, so there had to be more to this.
“What is it Steph, really you can tell me anything.”
“Okay, it’s just…Logan has a girlfriend.”
“What??!!” Dani gasped. “Who??”
Steph turned the other way and spoke in a half worried, half disgusted tone.


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