Jake looked relieved that I wasn’t just standing there and staring at him anymore. He relaxed a little, reaching over to the table and grabbing a can of soda for himself, opening it and taking a sip. I think he might have been waiting for me to say something, but I didn’t. So he looked over at me and began talking again.

“So are the parties that I go to just too cool for you?” he asked, smiling a bit but also seeming genuinely curious.

I shrugged and remained silent. Maybe he decided that I couldn’t talk. I certainly hadn’t said anything. I was just looking at him. One thing that I noticed was that he was good looking. Another things that I noticed was that by not saying anything, he was going to leave eventually. So I spoke, though reluctantly.

“I don’t like parties,” I said, a little shortly. Or people in general, why are you talking to me?, I added silently.

He just nodded, smiling. “Well I hope you start to, I’d like to see you at more or them.”

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