Pop Pop Entranced

The blue glow was dim and distant. Still, little Pop Pop was able to sense the faint light calling out for her. The girl shook her head. Now was not the time to be distracted.

History class had started not long ago, and the teacher, Miss whatever-her-name-was, was just beginning her lecture on the Ancient United States. What was her name? Pop grew confused. Hadn’t she just called out the teacher’s name not more than three minutes ago? Oddly, that no longer seemed to matter.

The background was now gradually fading, all the color slowly being drained from her world. The brown from the desks was fading. The dark purple from the sky outside was fading. The green and red from the classroom’s flag were fading. Even the white from the blank sheet of paper sitting in front of her was beginning to lose its whiteness.

But the distant blue glow remained, now completely captivating young Pop. The light continued to call her name.

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