The Exhibit

I was the first one off the bus,this field trip was the best one so far.Space and science,the first exhibit moon rocks. Interesting enough but not what I was here to see.Gazing through the verious sizes and shapes one particular object caught my eye, I leaned in to have a closer look, color started to form, thousands swirling inside it.
The group had moved on, I looked over my should to see if any one was watching, no one was.I couldn’t resist the urge to hold it.It was ice cold, all of a sudden it broke into tiny pieces.I poured it from my hand back to its place and quickly caught up with the group.My hand was tingling, there was a fine powder coating where I had held the object.I tried to rub it off, but couldn’t.I excused myself and headed to the restroom.Franticly reaching for the soap I saw that the powder had started to form the same colorations.I hit the soap bottle hard and fast.scrubbed my hand until I thought it would bleed.It refused to come off. Growing pushing its way into my skin.What is this?

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