the king 6

Now that were inside Clawed you must distract the king and queen.Why must it be me that does all the work Clawed muttered to himself.Why was I was banished I’m just her cat.Then a small woman stepped out from behind the large wooden doors.This way,the woman led them down the red rug into the next room.Look at him Clawed all happy and proud you would think he was sitting on top of the clouds.I’ll fix him the wicked witch vowed.She walked up to the thrones with her face still hidden,in a feeble vioce as she bowed. I offer this fruit and these fine flowers for the princess.Thank you the queen said.I would now like to bless this beautful child.As she uttered the last word clawed ran around the the kings throne and jumped on his back.The king jumped up and began to shout.He twisted and he turned trying to throw Clawed off.The servents ran to assist him.Clawed jumped off and ran between their legs in and out, out and then in.All running and falling everywhere.Clawed creating quite an up roar no one could catch him.

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