What Did He Do? What Did I Just Do?

I went running this morning. The sun was shining it was nothing like the kiss day. Does Ty really realize what he did? I mean he like kissed me. It’s been two days since the kiss and no one has seen Ty. I’ve asked all the kids and I even talked to Teddy. No one know’s where he is.
As I jogged up my driveway I saw him in his backyard swinging on a swingset that had been there forvever. I walked over to him.
“Hey Ty” I said and sat on a swing next to him.
“Hey” He said. After silence I decided to speak.
“You know Ty you still haven’t seen the inside of my house.” His face lit up. Oh my gosh?!? Why did I ask that? I mean he’s going to get the wrong idea! I got up and put my hand out for him to take. We walked over to my house hand in hand, fingers laced. What did I just do?!

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