She sat in front of the computer thinking, staring. her long and delicate hands were poised over the keyboard. Of course, she didnt have to write, and at the moment she couldnt think of an idea. It bugged her. she was greedy and wanted that feeling of immense accomplishment that came when she knew an amazing idea was being sketched into a story. Impatiently, she clicked the “inspiration” button, hoping to find something that might spark imagination. Brown eyes quickly flicked over the entire page, and a smile emerged on her face. admit it, she thought somewhere in the back of her mind, you just like looking at pictures and it was true. she typed in “cool” into the search engine and various pictures that could hardley be difined as “cool” appeared onthe screen. she took these in more slowly than the others. car, building, dog, sky… well, i dont know what that is she clicked that picture and was cresfallen to find herself in the predicament she had tried so hard to aviod.

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