1) The Mission

As a tear fell from her eye and hit the dark asphalt, he looked up as though she called his name and she thought she was caught. She trembled like a hurt mouse she’d once held, but no, his eyes swept the crowd and moved on, she was just another uniformed schoolgirl.

“God is good,” she murmured, and escaped into the shelter of a cool, damp alley between two major streets. The smell of rotting piles of garbage sickened her, so she held her breath as much as she could and walked quickly between the puddles of filth. She would’ve run if she hadn’t been so afraid of dying before she reached the target.

She was halfway down the alley when what she thought was a pile of garbage opened its eyes and shuddered into motion at the edge of her sight. She stopped and inhaled, coughing on the stench, and during the fatal pause the beggar moved to stand between her and the other street. She heard movement among the trash cans behind her, now, and glanced over her shoulder to see-

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