the spell 7

This is my chance.Wicked evil Pricilla leaned over Sophia and sprinkled the powder from the bag into the crib. As she cast the spell,from this day forward your beauty will fade it shall remain this way till this debt has been paid,a polite a kind gesture from a prince must be made.Oh I,am sorry your majesty for all the commotion I will take my cat and go now.Forgive me please please forgive me she begged.She grabbed Clawed and quick as she could ran down the red rug and out the large wooden doors.The forest was quite and gloomy this time but on the way down the hill with an evil laugh they will never break this spell and cat if you know whats good for you you’ll never tell.The kingdom will be devastated;there will be no more kings.The village will be over come by horrible things.She made her way back through the village this time pushing and shoving and laughing wickedly at the people she passed.Finally back in her shack outside the kingdom,wicked evil Pricilla hurried to build a fire under her big black pot.

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