clawed dreams 8

She poured in some potions threw in a bat wing or two.Then she vigorously stirred her wicked witch brew.A pinch of this powder a dash of these salts enough that will do the wicked witch thought.Then she stepped back.the pot started to boil she carefully added just one drop of oil.Once she had finished she sat back to wait.When my concoction cools down. I’ll be able to spy on the castle and town. Clawed tired from the days events retired to to a pile of rags in the corner of the room,in a moment he was fast asleep.Clawed dreamed about things if the wicked witch knew,like turning her into a big bottle of goo and stepping on her with a very large shoe.Clawed smiled hum maybe some day my wish will come true.Days and then months passed the king and queen began to notice the changes in the baby princess.What is happening she no longer looks like me.Oh my she doesn’t look like me either.Wicked evil Pricilla staring into the pot,my spell it is working its taking place, you’re pretty little princess she has a new face

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