The Turn

We walked into my house. It was empty just like it always is during the day. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch. He sat next to me. I snuggled into him like I had done before and I turned to kiss him. He kissed back but only for a moment and then he stopped.
“I can’t do this to you Lindsay.”He said and stood up. That was the first time I had been called by my first name since second grade.
“What’s the problem?”I asked.
“It’s a joke.”
“What”I questioned him.
“You’re pretty, nice, fun, athletic but this is all a joke. The guys told me if I could like get you to like soften up and be more beautiful they would be nice to me in school. You know make me cool, but once I learned how nice and beautiful you really were I couldn’t do it. I was becoming attached to you. I like you Linz, a lot. Please forgive me.”He told this whole story me getting madder and madder.
“Get out”I screamed. He ran outside alpoligizing like crazy. The boys want beautiful and soft I’ll show’em beautiful and soft.

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