The Path

She tugged him along the path. “C’mon”, she said.

He hesitated, shuffling his feet a bit. “I’m not sure. Is it safe?”

“Of course. Everybody is doing it now.”

“But what if we don’t make it? I’m scared.”

“We’ll make it. Everyone does”, she said in her quiet calming voice.

As they came around what seemed like the four-hundredth twist in the well-marked path, he exclaimed “Wow. I’ve never seen anything like that. Is that what people were trying to describe?”

“Yes, don’t you see? That’s it. The beauty, the wonder, the joy of it all. All we need is to find our way down that narrow section over there, and we’re in!”

“Uh, really? Why don’t I see anyone on the other side of that chasm them? Shouldn’t there be others who have crossed?”

“Well, maybe it was a slow day today!” Her enthusiasm would not be stopped by such naysaying.

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