No Talking, Please

I felt my cheeks get all tingly, the way that they did when I was blushing. They didn’t feel hot, just tingly.

I nodded again, cleared my throat, and took a sip of my soda, not looking at Jake anymore. Why was he talking to me anyway?

I think he got the hint, because he turned towards the table and took a chip, putting it into his mouth and chewing slowly. He looked like he wanted to say something else, but remained quiet.

He obviously wasn’t a Max, who would keep talking no matter what until you warmed up. That reminded me, he would probably be wondering where I am. I left my corner, looking over my shoulder once at Jake as I walked from the kitchen to the livingroom. He was looking back at me, straight in the eye.

My cheeks went tingly again as I moved carefully through the crowd to avoid getting noticed and brought into a conversation, and I eventually found Max.

Monica was gone, and he was looking over the crowds for me.

“Right here.” He looked down at me and grinned.

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