The Uncomfortable Silence

She walks straight through the front room to the bed room and stops at the door, once again straightening her skirt and checking her face with her hands, then taps gently on the door. From inside she hears his voice, “Come in.” She slowly opens the door and immediately notices them both sitting on the bed, the girl straightening her shirt and hair and him trying to give her an encouraging smile, she forces a smile back and steps in a pushes the door to behind her. She exams the room for a place to sit, and notices a chair in the corner, she quickly moves over to it and takes a seat. She stares blankly at the television thinking about what she could say to break the tension but can think of nothing. They all sit there in an uncomfortable silence for quite awhile, until all of suddenly he speaks up and says “Well we need to be getting home.” He says it rather loud, so much so that he startles her. Then he gets up and hugs the girl and leads out of the room with his fiance following face down behind him.

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