The Trip Home

When they get to the car he opens the door for her as ussual but doesn’t kiss her like he normally does. She took comfort that not every thing was different but was hurt by the fact that he didn’t kiss her meaning some things had changed. The ride home was relatively quiet, just the radio playing softly in the background. She gazed out of her window wantng to say some thing to him and she was able to whisper “I love you” once but he couldn’t hear her. They pull up infront of their house he turns off the car and they just sit there in silence for five or so minutes. Then he looks at her for the first time since he gave her the encouraging smile in the room and says “I love you, Baby.” She continues looking out the window for a moment to wipe the tears from her face then forces and smile turns to him and says “I love you too, Sweet Heart.” He can see the hurt in her eyes and slowly opens his door and gets out of the car. She follows suit. He walks around to her and takes her in a hug and they both begin to cry.

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