Old Junk

Dani walked down the steps with two completely full garbage bags in her hands.
“What’s all that honey?” Asked her mom.
“Oh, just garbage, old junk.”
“So you finally decided to clean out that room of your’s?”
“Yeah, that’s it.”
Dani placed the bags on the curb in front of her driveway and went back inside. The bags were not full of old junk, she knew that. Well actually now she defiantly considered it junk so her lie wasn’t that off, and her room was quite clean now, but a clean room did not make Dani feel any better.
The day after she had talked to Steph, Dani had organized everything in her room into three categories.
-Stuff to keep.
-Blair related stuff.
-Logan related stuff.
The third pile had been quite small considering they were never even a couple. But the Blair pile, well there were nine years of friendship in that pile, and now, those nine years of being besties were sitting on the curb, probably cold, lonely, hurt, raged, and confused, just like Dani’s heart.

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