A Week Ago Today

A week ago today every thing was perfect. She didn’t think any thing could ever go wrong. She loved him and he loved her and the rest of the world was just there. It didn’t matter what any one thought or said. Her friends had told her things were “too perfect” and she would just smile and say “Too perfect is just perfect enough for me.”

Four days ago, she sat in her bed and cried as she texted with a girl who said she had been talking and much more with Miss “too perfect”’s fiance. She sat there and watched him sleep and continued to here what all had happened until she couldn’t take it and woke him and confronted him. Only to find out it was all true. Then sat there and sobbingly told him she would wait for him forever. Told him he could do what he needed to but to know she would never leave and she would always be there waiting for him to return home to her.

Two and a half years of a very complicated yet wonderful relationship all comes down to this..

Four days ago today… Her world fell apart…

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