You Shouldn't Have Touched Me Or Mine!

They thought they got away with it only to find that the whole world had seen it all. Everything they did, every lie they told, every bribe they paid, and to all who they still owed. Now, all their work was totally in vain. There steps were cut short and their lives ebbed away. Their was no more friendship, no love or trust anymore, for now the motive was clear it was money what they were there for. To each other they pierce through eyes of fear knowing trust is gone for good. They know the evil that drove them all to this point of no return. Someone know would go to jail and die in light of all that has happened that could only be good. Their crimes didn’t pay, and the time of reaping the bad deeds had fully come. Thier blood pouring as they look back in hate and in front they look with fear. From here it only gets worse for all of them they are cut off from the land of the living for evermore. They will never be the same as they feel the consumption of wrath marked only for each one of them.

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