Who's The Dream Girl???

Blair logged onto the computer a little bit hopeful that this time she would have an email awaiting her. She opened up her mail, and nothing, just like the past five days had brought her. She decided to sign on to AIM , to see if that had changed either. But no she was still blocked from Dani and Steph’s screen names. Blair picked up her cell to try once again to contact Dani and to explain everything, but she knew she wouldn’t get an answer. And she didn’t blame Dani either, or Steph too for that matter. What she had done was dirty as scum; she had stabbed her best friend in the back for a boy. But then again it was Logan she was talking about here. Blair could just imagine starting the 8th grade in a couple of weeks with the coolest boyfriend ever!!! But she would also be starting the 8th grade with two less friends. But a boyfriend was worth two friends, right? Besides Logan said yes, right?? He liked her, not Dani, right??? Blair was the girl of Logan’s dreams,
RIGHT ???????

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