Knowledge is Power

“What are you doing?” Asked Jennifer, after she had walked into David’s, her boyfriend, dorm room and found him meditating over a spiral-bound notebook.
“I’m gaining Knowledge over this object.” He said with his eyes closed.
“What is there to know about a simple notebook?” She asked.
“There isn’t that much to know, but so much to Know.” He said, opening his eyes. “Remember, Knowledge is power.”
She looked at him, wondering if the strain of college life had caused him to crack.
“I can see that you do not believe me, so I’ll give you a demonstration.” As he said that, the notebook soared out of his hand and started to fly around the room, its pages flapping like the wings of a bird.
Staring at it with amazement, she asked him, “Can I do that?”
“I can try to teach you, but you have to trust me, because we have to give a little Knowledge of ourselves to each other.”
“I trust you completely.”
He took her hands and looked into her eyes and said “Meditate with me.” So Knowledge and power was passed.

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