Rings of Power

“Do you have any idea what the powers we got are?” Asked James, as all five of them were sitting by a stream deep in the forest.
Terri said, “Well, one thing I remember very clearly is that we will be using these powers to fight evil, and I can’t wait to kick some butt!”
“It’s all elemental,” Said Cassidy, “every ring is made out of a different symbol. See, mine is a string of hearts, which is the symbol of love, Terri’s is lightning, which is fire, James’ is a rock, which is earth, Greg’s is a raindrop, which is water, and Chase’s is wind, which is air. I think that we can control the elements our rings show!”
Greg looked at her and said “Are you crazy? I mean, if I were to point at the stream and tell it to turn into a fountain, it’d do it?”
Cassidy nodded, and Greg said, “Okay then,” and did it.
The resulting fountain spread the entire contents of the stream for five miles of its length over ten square miles in an incedent that would mystify meteorologists for many years to come.

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