His Touch

That touch will it bring me out of my darkness. Will it bring me out of pain of dagger gripped into my body. I scared to reach out to you but something is telling me I need to trust in everything that I know of and touch your hand because your protect me until I’m strong and I can follow you like you have instill in me but how can I touch you. How can I be sure this is not a trick. I’m scared. I’m tired of running. Please bring me out of the darkness. I’m going to put all my faith into this reach, please take me and make me whole again like when I was little and my mother and father were beside me. They told me all I need is a mustard seed of faith and all thing is possible. Lord, take my hand, I’m tired of being in the dark. I surrender to you, I tired of running from you, please set my life back on the right track. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to send me beautiful that push me to you. I have never been so happy but only with u. I love you for everything

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