True Story Only The Names Have Been Changed

Schools out, its time to make that drive to grammaws house, its only a two hour trip but if you’ve got kids then you know what I’m talking about. Every trip starts out pretty good for the first thirty mins. Joey has his action figures and Kyle his sippy cup and Abby has her crayons and book, and then you hear mom, Joey want stop.I am not doing anyfang. Move your hand, stop it. No I don’t haft to.I look back Joeys finger is right at the end of her nose but not touching it.Joey,leave her alone.I am not touchin her.I said stop.Joey crosses his arms kicks one foot hum.Its not two mins,Joey says, mom Abbys touchin me no I am not. Yes you are,move your leg.I cant it grows there she says smuggly.Joey gives her a push. Abby being a year older gives him a wack on the top of the head.Joey screams, dad.Dont make me pull over, dad says.All is quite again, five miles later Abby says dad.Yes? I nee to go.What? I nee to go! I told you to go before we left the house.I didn’t nee to.Abby you have to wait theres nowhere to go.

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