Searching in the Fog

“Fog always puts me in a bad mood,” Kira grumbled as she slogged through the murky waters of the swamp, scowling ferociously.

I tried not to grin as Rhianna rolled her eyes and muttered, “Everything puts you in a bad mood.”

“What’s that?”


“Play nice, you guys,” I said. “Let’s concentrate on searching.”

Kira’s scowl deepened, and to my dismay she aimed her laser glare at me. “Let’s concentrate on searching, he says. Play nice, he says. Well, it’s easy for you, Mr. Happy – you don’t have to walk through this muck!”

I held up my paws in surrender. “Hey, it’s not my fault you humans can’t fly!”

Kira opened her mouth to reply, only to be cut off by Rhianna. “Just leave him alone and keep looking. The sooner we find it, the sooner we can get out of here,” she said, making a face at the mud that adorned her clothing.

“Fine,” Kira said, before walking off in a huff.

I flinched, my wings flapping harder as I watched her stalk off in dismay. Oh, well…

“Guys! I think I found it!”

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