The Stop

Honey pull off the next place you see.Ok.Theres a sta you passed the exit.Dad. I was going to fast.Abby is now bouncing in the seat. Well be still.I kain’t she whined.We take the next exit and he pulls up to a station.Bill not here.Why whats wrong with here.Its nasty.Were here so go.Fine!Come on Abby.I don’t haft to go anymore.What do you mean you don’t have to go anymore?I don’t nee to but can we get somethin to drink? I am thirsty.I want candy yelled Joey.No candy.But I want candy, I want candy anna drink.Ok! I’ll get a drink but your going to share it.No mom Joey spits in it.No I dont Joey screamed.Yes you do you slobber all in it oooo.Because you want share Aaabby.I trek into the store and while Bill takes the kids to the restroom.I gather up some snacks and pay the twelve cents extra for two cups of ice.Everybody got their seat belts on?Yes, no Joey dont.I kaint snap it.Abby snap his belt please.K.Everybodies happy eatting there snacks and sipping there drinks.At oh.At oh, what?Joey spilt his drink.Noo!

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