"It's Magic" Part the Fourth: The Escape From the Hands of Richard, Otherwise Known as The Idiot

And so saying, I flashed my eyes and the ropes came slithering off. I directed them towards Richard, until they completely covered him in a scratchy coccoon.

Now, how to get out of here…ah-ha! A wooden trapdoor in the ceiling, locked from the other side. Sure I had no idea what it led to, but it was there. I scaled the moldy stairs leading up to the door, flashing my eyes. Crap. No fair. The door was sealed against magic. Richard wasn’t as dumb as he first appeared. Well then, let’s do it the old-fashioned way.

I spotted a chunk of plywood near the door. Sure, the trapdoor was protected against magic, but it was relatively weak in physical standards. I whacked the door a couple times until it splintered. The lock gave way, and I was out.

I looked back at the form on the ground. Sure, he was my worst enemy, but I couldn’t just leave him there. I quickly scrawled “HA HA” yet again in my signature green smoke.

Yes, Richard could be an idiot, but I knew he wasn’t the only one after us.

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