Are We There Yet

no I didn’t Kyle did. No he didn’t. YES hedid you don’t know.Shutup Abby said.I don’t haft to.I grabbed some napkins and threw them at Joey as I leaned over the seat to take the topless cup away from Kyle,Kyle starts to scream at the top of his lungs.Great. Abby starts to giggle and takes a sip of her drink, then waves it in front of Joeys face. Joey grabs it. HEY give it back. No you gave it to me. Did not. Give her back her drink. Haha.Kyle stopped crying to watch.A few more miles its to quite so I decided to look back.Oh my gosh. Kyle! Chuncks of orange crayon comming out both corners of his mouth. I didn’t give it to him promise Abby says. I didn’t say you did, now digging the rest of it out of his mouth.Mommy mommy mom? What Joey I can hear you?Are we there yet?Almost, please just play with your toys, we’ll be there soon.Theres the city limits sign its five more miles.Its quite again got to check, Bill pulls up in moms driveway, there all asleep. How was the trip down, no trouble I hope? It was fine mom.

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