Older By The Minute

I shoved my hand in my pocket and caught up with the group.The tour was over and people were starting to board the bus. I couldnt leave without taking one more look, the spot where I placed the pieces, was liquid. I ran to the bus got on and sat next to Jan, she jerked when she saw me.What? Your your face.What? Well you look. What? Well you look older. Older! Jan pulled out a compact and handed it to me.She gasped my hand, whats that, pulling it closer. I dont know,I touched one of the stones.You know we wern’t suppose to touch.Just don’t tell please,she promised not to tell a soul.By the time I got to my apt,two hours later I had aged ten years.I paced the floor for an hour and looked again not much change.I didn’t know what should I do, the hospital maybe? I curled up in my favorite chair and started to cry.I began to cry harder when I faced the reality that at this rate I would be dead by morning.The phone rang the machine said hey girl, where are you, party at the beach, I love you. Eric,she cried harder.

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